Important Notes

Please note the following if you would like to be accompanied by a photographer during the church or civil wedding ceremony:


Before requesting an offer, please ask the pastor or registrar whether photography “with flash” is permitted during the ceremony.

In my experience, working without a flash is very difficult, especially in dark rooms (e.g. a church) & often leads to the fact that a first-class quality of the pictures cannot be guaranteed.

Unfortunately, this also applies “with” flash for very dark churches and / or wedding rooms, as even the best photographic equipment can reach its limits in poor lighting conditions.

2) It is also advantageous to be able to move freely within the venue during the ceremony, as this is the only way I can really capture different scenes.

The bride and groom are usually bound to one position during the ceremony and without the freedom of movement on my part it is hardly possible to photograph different motifs.

Further information:

A wedding is not a press conference, so it is rather disturbing if other people also take photos during the ceremony (especially in the church), this should be discussed in advance by the bridal couple with their guests.

My way of working is rather reserved in order not to create the above-mentioned impression or to disturb the course of events, i.e. I capture all the cornerstones of the wedding ceremony so that a chronological sequence can be recognised in the photos, but I still try to keep myself in the background as far as possible.